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What makes Rose City Wine Vaults different from other wine storage facilities?

One visit to our wine storage facility and you will be convinced that no other facility provides our level of security, climate control, and professionalism. Rose City Wine Vaults’ owners have been in the business of designing and constructing wine production and storage facilities for over 40 years, and they have taken all that experience and knowledge and incorporated it into our very special facility. Please drop by and let us show you what sets us apart when it comes to wine storage.

Why should I store my wine in a professional wine storage facility like Rose City Wine Vaults?

Storing your wine with us has many advantages. It frees up space in your home, condo or apartment. It allows you to take advantage of great wine offers when they happen without having to worry if your wine fridge is full. Many home collectors store their wine in less than ideal conditions, turning expensive wine into vinegar. Our ideal wine storage conditions let your wines mature properly.

What are ideal wine storage conditions?

Our 1921 industrial concrete building has a subterranean basement level where you will find our wine storage facility and vaults. For much of its long life, our building was used as a cold storage facility for food and perishables. With 12” thick exterior concrete walls, our wine storage area and vaults maintain a near perfect and constant temperature-humidity level. With the addition of redundant industrial refrigeration units and humidifiers, maintaining an ideal 55˚ and 70% humidity level is ensured. Additionally, with the use of motion activated lights, the wine storage area is kept in the dark 99% of the time.

What happens if wine is not stored properly?

Wine should ideally be stored at 55˚ and 70% relative humidity. The key to storing wine properly is maintaining a very constant environment. Fluctuation in temperature can damage wines and cause them to age prematurely. Bottled wine and their corks expand and contract with temperature and humidity fluctuations, thereby creating conditions for seepage around the sides of the cork. When wine seeps out, air is allowed to enter the bottle. In contact with wine, air oxidizes the wine, creating foul odors and tastes. More frequently than not, Portland’s houses, condos and apartments are far too warm for proper wine storage and house basements fluctuate in temperature at too wide a range. Light can also prematurely age wines, especially in clear bottles. Sparkling wines are particularly susceptible.

Are there on-site hospitality and wine tasting conveniences?

For the exclusive use of our wine storage clients, we have a nicely appointed tasting lounge complete with glasses, appliances, etc. How hard is it to move my wine collection? Our facility features a secure, covered loading dock and 2 large state-of-the-art freight elevators. We have a variety of services to make your move easy. We can move your collection for you or we can provide labor to assist at move-in.

How do I determine what size vault I need?

Call our on-site wine storage professional to determine what size vault is best for your collection. And as your collection grows, we are happy to provide you with a larger vault. Many of our clients store their wine in cases, and some clients prefer to shelve or rack their wines. Our storage professional can assist with any hardware needs you may have to make access to your wine simple and convenient.

Does Rose City have a referral program?

Rose City has a very generous referral program. For details, call our storage professional today.

Does Rose City store wine for out-of-state clients?

Rose City can receive and store wines for clients who live in states where it is prohibited to receive direct shipments of wine.

Is my wine collection insured at Rose City?

This is a very good question that you should seriously consider. Rose City does not provide any insurance for your collection regardless of cause. It is your sole responsibility to insure any wine stored at Rose City. If your wine is currently covered by a standard HO-3 form Homeowner’s Policy, you should be aware that your policy probably does not provide specialty coverage for your wine collection. If your policy does cover your wine collection, it probably limits the amount of coverage provided for personal property stored away from your home to 10% of your personal property limit (i.e. if you have $100,000 of personal property coverage, you are limited to $10,000 for property stored away from your home). For these reasons, we highly recommend that you consult your insurance agent.
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